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10 Must See Acts of Forecastle 2016

Of course, you're going to see the Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, Death Cab For Cutie, but music festivals are your chance to see bands you might otherwise miss when they come to town. So we are going to list the bands that you might not be familiar with, but need to see at this year's Forecastle

1. All Them Witches

This Nashville based 4-some is intense.  Their  play a dark, psychedelic rock sound and are known  to launch into some deep dark jams.

Catch them Saturday night at 8:15 on the WFPK Port Stage

2. Los Colognes

Another Nashville band, but that's all Los Colognes has in common with All Them Witches.  Los Colognes is a high energy band with a jammy late 80's Grateful Dead/Dire Straits inspired sound

Catch them Sunday at 3:30 on the WFPK Port Stage.  

3. Seratones

The most surprising thing about the Seratones is that they're from Shreveport.  You would expect a blues band from that area, but the Seratones are anything but blues. What you will hear are punk riffs, funk, a bit of country, and a lot of soul.

Catch them Friday at 3:15 PM  on the Boom Stage

4. Caveman

After seeing the Seratones, grab a quick drink and run over to the port stage because you're not going to want to miss  Caveman.  This band covers all your bases, they are a indie, folk, rock band out of New York.  While their most recent album, Otero War, emphasizes a heavy rock sound, we expect that they'll play some of their of their older sounds like you'll find on their 2011 album CoCo Beware.  Regardless of what they play, you won't be disappointed.

Friday at 4:15 on the WFPK Port Stage.

5. Phosphorescent

For a solo act, Matthew Houck, brings a big sound of country rock and rolling Americana. However, on his most recent album, Muchacho, he's tweaked that sound adding a welcomed colorful synthesiser. 

Friday 4:45 at the Boom Stage

6. The Shadowboxers

Based on the above recommendations you might be wondering why we are recommending The Shadowboxers.  This Nashville quintet, is part R&B, part pop, and a lot of harmony. But to put it simply, this band is good and not to be missed.  

Saturday at 3 WFPK Port Stage

7. The Arcs

The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach's new band the Arcs will be showcasing their 70's soulful sounds Saturday backed by a heavy instrumentals. While this isn't a lesser known band, it is definitely one to see.

Catch The Arcs Saturday at 5:15 on the Mast Stage 

8. Bully

Another Nashville band will be playing Friday and at the same time as Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals.  For us, this was a tough call, but we are going to see Bully. Alicia Bognanno, Bully's frontwoman, will bring unflinching honesty with her lyrics and power blasts with her sound

 Friday at 7:30, WFPK Port Stage

9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The New Zealand psych-pop band is one that you have to see as it's hard to describe, although we kinda just did. Expect a jam band esque show with plenty of disco and funk sound. We are hoping to catch their Grateful Dead cover of Shakedown Street on Sunday.

Sunday at 7 on the Ocean Stage

10. The Suffers

What better way is there to start your Sunday off than by seeing The Suffer? You are going to get plenty of soul and horns. If you want even more soul, you are probably going to want to run to see the tail end of Anderson East's performance

 Sunday at 1:30, Boom Stage