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St. Paul & The Broken Bones Return to Louisville

St. Paul & The Broken Bones stole the show at 2015's Forecastle Festival, but sadly they have not been back through Louisville since.  That all changes when they play Iroquois Amphitheatre Saturday night.  The night after their new album, "Sea of Noise", drops.  

The new album is packed with original music that lives up their upbeat, soul-drenched style, while maintaining an air of social consciousness. As the press release describes some of the songs from "Sea of Noise", “The rousing “All I Ever Wonder” challenges apathetic nature, the soulful “I’ll Be Your Woman” redefines gender roles, while “Waves” looks at our societal short attention span, and the firey “Burning Rome” conveys the realization that faith should reside within and not within a manmade framework.”

You can expect your some heart-pounding infusion of old school R&B, soul, funk and rock Saturday as I am sure St. Paul & The Broken Bones play many of the above songs along side some of their songs off their debut album, "Half the City".

Tickets are still avaiable

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